Saturday, February 1, 2014

Once Upon a Time... in Capri

How has it been almost 5 years already? My husband and I constantly reminisce about the amazing time we had. Memories are truly almost magical to me. We only spent a single day on this tiny island off the coast of Naples, yet for our entire lifetimes the memories bring complete rest and contentment to my soul.

We certainly didn't pay any attention to things like the news and weather forecasts while on our trip- so we had no idea what the temperature was- but we know it was absolutely perfect. We were comfortable enough to not get hot on our serene walk up to Anacapri, on almost ageless cobblestones and surrounded by refreshingly aromatic lemon trees. 

French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy was a regular visitor here. I wonder what his favorite activities were. I imagine he and Jean Sibelius would have felt at peace studying the never-ending motion of the cerulean liquid. 

Dolce Gabbana Grotto add cerulean water
  The Blue Grotto, location of the Dolce and Gabbana ads.

Capri lemon trees limoncello
Did I mention the beautiful lemons? I imagine it is from a fairy tale, but I can't think of which fairy tale actually has any lemon trees... :-)

missvargaslady Capri gelato
Enjoying one of my absolute favorite things to eat- gelato!

(*Yes, I paid big money for the wind machine )

I would love to hear about your favorite 'Once Upon a Time' vacation memories. Perhaps it was when you were in Mexico last summer, Paris last spring, or the Cheesecake factory with your love last weekend. What made it special?
Or, if you prefer, what is your favorite gelato flavor? Or perhaps you are an ice cream person? 

Until next time, I wish you a beautiful day, in all ways...

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