Monday, June 15, 2015

This Household Likes Avocados

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I shudder to think of how long I went without enjoying avocados and receiving their nutritional goodness. I unfortunately fell for the 'fat is bad' mantra of the 1990's. (information here) They are creamy, delicious, and very nutritious- something our bodies were meant to enjoy and can thrive on. They naturally contain fiber, vitamin k, copper, folate, vitamin B6, vitamin E, potassium and vitamin C!

   healthy, good fat, dinner, recipe, avocado, lettucem paleo, clean eating 
 I have been loving making lettuce wraps of simply red leaf lettuce, 3 avocados, julienned carrots and red bell peppers. (red are my favorite!) I buy the organic multi-color carrots from Trader Joe's- they are stunningly beautiful with hues of deep purple, yellow, red and orange, and very affordable! Since I don't eat processed things that come out of a box that have insane amount of added sodium, I'm not afraid to add my own. I love avocado sprinkled with a bit of freshly cracked sea salt!
Butter lettuce works a bit better for making wraps, but is more expensive and not quite as nutritious. (Simply because it has 'less' nutrition doesn't mean it isn't beneficial and great to eat! I think it is unfortunate when people snub iceberg for example- sure it isn't AS nutritionally packed as red leaf, but it is still lettuce, a leafy green naturally coming out of the ground for us to eat! If the option is to eat no lettuce or eat iceberg, eat the iceberg!)
 healthy, good fat, dinner, recipe, avocado, lettucem paleo, clean eating, lettuce wraps recipe

What veggies would you fill YOUR lettuce wraps with?

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